Catapult Therapeutics

Catapult Therapeutics is biopharmaceutical company that develops CAP-100 – an innovative first-in-class humanized anti-CCR7 antibody.

CCR7 is the essential chemokine receptor for migration of immune cells to lymphoid organs. Cancer cells can hijack chemokines by acquiring expression of chemokine receptors and can consequently migrate to distant sites. CCR7 gets over-expressed in many cancers, and high CCR7 expression is associated with poor prognosis and short survival in hematological and solid malignancies.

In-vivo studies have demonstrated prolonged survival and inhibition of tissue migration in models of B-cell lymphomas. CAP-100 has the potential to act as a monotherapy or to enhance the effectiveness of other agents (e.g. BTK-inhibitors, BCL-2 inhibitors). CAP-100 is currently in preclinical development, with CTA filing planned mid 2019.


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